Saturday, December 6, 2008

me, a slacker? i don't think so-oo!

whew! what a busy week it has been. i know i have been slacking here in the blogging world but i've been working my butt off in the real world. so sorry for those of you who care that i've been absent. :)

last night was our christmas party, and if i may say so, i believe it was a smashing success. i was a little worried about where we were going to put everyone, but it turns out we had just enough space! we had yummy food that our guests brought and played some awesome games. charades (always a classic), a gift wrapping race and some trivia games. and then to end the night a white elephant exchange. i think our guests had a good time. i know i enjoyed myself, and so did hubby. and little buddy miraculously slept through it all!

today we went christmas shopping for little buddy as well. it was fun to find gifts for him then bring them home to wrap. we have gifts under our tree now. now we'll have to see if they can stay there, because i'm pretty sure little buddy will want to unwrap them.

tonight hubby is out with some friends. he is looking at joining a local masonic lodge. one of his good friends/coworkers is a mason. hubby has been very interested in it for a long time--before he met his friend. he is really interested in the history, and tradition, and comraderie that comes with being involved in the lodge. he is also looking for something to help him become a better person, husband, and father. the masons do a lot of community service. he's checking things out, meeting the members of the lodge, and learning more about it. i'm glad that he is doing something for himself, something that will help him be happier. i don't know a whole ton about masonic beliefs, but what i do know is positive. (the feminist in me is a little ticked that it's a fraternal group, but if it makes my hubby happy then i'm good with it. :) i tend to get a little bent out of shape over dumb things like that...)

so while hubby is out making new friends i'm chillin' at home. poor little buddy had kind of a bad night, and i'm not really sure why. he normally doesn't cry at bed and he just howled for 45 minutes. he wouldn't really eat before bed, either....poor kid. he finally fell asleep and he's been sleeping like a rock. my guess is he's growing and was totally exhausted. it's so hard to listen to my boy cry, especially like that. it's even harder when i get frustrated. i'm not a very patient person, but i have been amazed at the patience and understanding i've had with little buddy. but for some reason tonight i was lacking in the patience department. i finally put him in the crib, sat downstairs and listened to him cry...and get more and more anxious and frustrated. then he fell asleep and i sat feeling like a terrible mother for getting so worked up over something so small. so now i'm watching law and order: svu and hate/loving it (i always hate/love the episodes having to do with sexual crimes....hate watching it and reliving my own issues and love watching those bastards get what they deserve in the end) and waiting for hubby to come home.

so now i'm off to chug-a-lug the leftover pepsi in the fridge and do some more hate/loving while watching l&osvu.

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