Tuesday, December 23, 2008

preparing for the day of st. nick

today is december 23. can you believe that means that christmas is the day after tomorrow??? i sure can't. crazy! (not me, although i'm crazy too, i mean, it's crazy how fast time goes.)

i feel like i have so much to do before christmas, but i guess i don't really. today i need to do the dishes and finish the laundry. (ugh. i HATE laundry.) and i also need to make cookies for santa, because it is santa's first year visiting our house and we need to impress him. the shopping is done...yay...and i vacuumed and swept last night. i probably could have cleaned the whole house top to bottom. i had a sudden rush of energy (i.e. manic phase, i'm pretty sure) and started to clean. hubby had to ask me to sit down and just be.

the good thing is that the house is pretty much picked up other than the dishes and laundry. well...except for one thing. one stupid thing. :)

hubby sometimes brings dishes home from work. they have a kitchen in the break room, and if he doesn't have time on his lunch to wash the dishes he uses he brings them home in his lunchbox. we have a little collection here now that has not been returned. i have asked him a number of times to return them but he forgets. so yesterday, i was tired of them sitting on my counter, and put them on the table. i attached a note that said, "please take me home! i miss my family in the [insert name of building here]. please be a nice person and return me."

he laughed at me, rolled his eyes, etc. so i go to bed thinking these dishes are finally going to be out of my house. we'd also discussed (ahem, i told) him that when he brings dishes home he needs to immediately return them. or better yet, don't bring them home.

so what did i find this morning? the dishes. with another note. this one says, "we got lost! we don't have a map or GPS!" and a little frowny face underneath. sigh. that man does love to tease me. cute, except that he has the next two days off, so i won't get rid of them until friday at the earliest....

well. the baby is down for a nap (yay!) and seeing as i have to work this afternoon, i better get crackin' and get the house finished and the cookies baked.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I love the notes...too funny! I hope your preparations for the big day go well. And don't worry about the cookies, we gave Santa graham crackers one year. And he still gave us presents! ;)

Ingrid Berzins Leuzy said...

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