Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bucket List #2

continued from here...

26.  finish my kids' scrapbooks

27.  play roller derby

28.  mail something in to post secret

29.  put blue highlights in my hair

30.  own as many animals as i can--including a giant fishtank

31.  have another baby.  before i'm 30.

32.  inspire someone to do something great.

33.  figure out what i really believe about life and religion, without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

34.  hire a maid to clean my house top to bottom while i sit on the couch and read a magazine and drink an ice cold coke.  pretend i'm a millionaire.

35.  find new friends and be comfortable in our new home--we are moving cross-country in two months.  acclimate to a totally different region and culture of the US, and support my hubby in graduate school the way he needs and deserves.

and congrats to hubby for being accepted into such a great masters program--he will be studying applied cognition and neuroscience.

TWO MONTHS and we are moving.