Saturday, December 13, 2008

annoyance: people who have very loud personal conversations in public (especially when it's quiet, like standing in line at the courthouse to file documents)

exhaustion: not sleeping in a week

beauty: listening to "bella's lullaby" that i just downloaded. i love classical piano.

regret: words and actions toward a loved one that can't be taken back

joy: watching my baby smile

sorrow: being unable to change

excitement: i can't wait to see my baby on his first christmas morning!

longing: to finish school

frustration: feeling like i'm not being listened to or heard

boredom: the only thing on tv saturday mornings are japanese animation cartoons

apprehension: for the future

loneliness: missing my friend

confidence: trying to find it!

anger: i can't figure out what the name of that song is that i love!

happiness: looking at my beautiful christmas tree

surprise: there is no downloadable ringtone (free one, anyway) for love story

fear: i will mess up my son

curiosity: i wonder what my baby will grow up to be

satisfaction: i found that song! "leave out all the rest" by linkin park. i love that song. i love linkin park.

unwind: by listening to really loud music in the car and singing at the top of my lungs.

love: my family

gratitude: for all of the second chances i've been given

what i'm going to do next: turn off all the lights. put on "clair de lune" and lay down. try to relax and push the depression out of my head.


Mother Goose said...

i get annoyed at that same thing. Like they want you to hear their conversation! good list.
yep, you will mess your son up! Haven't you heard? It's always the mother's fault. LOL

seriously, you will do fine. Be prayerful always and never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Mom's need time outs too! LOL

kaitlyn.e said...

wheeeeere did you download that song? i need it!