Monday, December 1, 2008

back to work today

i'm sad the long weekend is over. :(

(spoiler alert! don't read the following if you haven't seen twilight yet and want to be surprised...)

i went to see twilight on saturday with my friend kaitlyn. it was awful. terrible. horrible acting. cheesy. one scene that was eerily similar to something you would see on general hospital. and awful, awful, pathetic 1950s horror movie flashbacks. and jasper? what on earth was the deal with his hair? and lack of facial expressions? besides that one that made it look like he was surprised at how constipated he was? sad. so sad. i went into the movie with absolutely no expectations at all and i was still disappointed. (and i don't care what kaitlyn says, the actor who played edward is not attractive. at all. so sad.) bella was sulky. alice was almost annoyingly cute. rosalie was not that pretty. edward had matching "sparkly" sound effects when he was in the sun. seriously? special effects weren't that great. and james? don't even get me started. he wasn't scary, he was downright laughable. the facial expressions he had literally made me laugh. in fact, the only two characters that i found to be anything like my idea of them were emmett and charlie swan. i was horrified at how awful the cinematography was. i was appalled by the sheer pathetic-ness of it all.

now for the really sad part? i want to see it again.

but it really was lame. lame, i tell you, lame!


kaitlyn.e said...

!!! I want to see it again too !!! Aaaah it's so bad!
(and he is cute. you know you think so.)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I think Edward's hair is way to big for his own good. ;)

Vanessa said...

Ha I am going to see it again tonight! I actually loved it and I might be having a love affair with Edward in my mind...but I agree that there were many parts that were laugh out loudable..and I did.