Monday, December 15, 2008

did i ever mention that i hate laundry?

i think i am the only living thing in my house that is awake right now.

the baby is in the crib, napping.
the cat is on the floor, snoring. (our cat snores. funny, huh.)
the dog is on the floor, slightly twitching because she is dreaming.

and here i am, exhausted, and i probably should be taking a nap. instead i am eyeing the pile of laundry that has been on my couch for six days. i have had the best of intentions in folding it and putting it away. but, like usual, i find excuses not to. or i just dont, and don't make excuses. i also have a bunch of dishes that need to be done. bedrooms to pick up. more laundry to put through the wash. bathrooms to clean. sigh. i HATE cleaning with a passion. it stresses me out to have a dirty house but i have such a hard time keeping up with it. a lot of it has to do with the fact that when i clean, it takes about 20 minutes for the house to be a complete disaster again. i clean, i leave for work, i come home, the house looks like a tornado hit it. (again.) sigh.

so i downloaded the twilight soundtrack, and can i say, i adore it. as you know, i wasn't too thrilled with the movie (although i've heard it is much better the second time and i really want to see it again) but the soundtrack is awesome. not only are the instrumental piano pieces beautiful, but i have discovered a new band called paramore that i love. and there are some good rockin' out in the car songs. (i tried them out last night driving home from my parents' house.)

so, can you believe that christmas is NEXT WEEK? seriously! it's crazy. hubby and i are going to finish our christmas shopping this saturday. yes, that also makes us crazy. the last saturday before christmas....ha. we're nuts. i know it. :) i'm really looking forward to christmas. even though i have to work christmas eve...and the day after christmas....lame. there are some law firms that we do business with that closed last week and won't reopen until january 5. wouldn't that be nice!

well, i suppose i should get to the laundry now. (ha. i say that...but we'll see if i really make myself do it!) so i hope you all have a wonderful monday!


Kaylynn said...

Laundry only gets worse before it gets better. If you can get through your laundry, you can do anything!

April said...

Wait... Christmas is NEXT week? Holy sh...crap.

My house it like that too by the way.

I love the cat snoring. I have a fat cat who snores too. Hee hee.

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