Sunday, December 14, 2008

the best songs to rock out to in your car

one of my favorite things ever is singing loudly when i'm driving. only if the music drowns out my voice, that is, since i seriously can't sing. if you don't do this, i would highly suggest that you try it. the music i listen to depends a lot on my mood, but here are a few of the best ones (in no particular order):

1. "cuz i can" by pink. okay, anything by pink, really, i love "u + ur" hand and "who knew" as well.

2. "let's get it started" by the black eyed peas. (remember that, miss kaitlyn? in your stang?)

3. when i'm upset/angry/in a bad mood i adore evanescence. i really like evanescence when i'm in a good mood, too, but i've found i listen to it more when i'm upset. my song(s) of choice? "tourniquet" or "haunted."

4. "barbie girl" by aqua

5. "toxic" by britney spears. i would also say "drive me crazy" and recently i've enjoyed "circus."

6. anything gwen stefani. this includes anything no doubt. "i'm just a girl" is awesome. i like "rich girl" and "ex-girlfriend" too.

7. the pussycat dolls--"buttons" or "don't cha."

8. "carry on my wayward son" by kansas

9. remember that one scene in drive me crazy? yeah, the one where they're cruising? to "keep on loving you." reo speedwagon really is a good one to cruise to.

10. linkin park. i love linkin park. like, seriously, love them. pick anything by linkin park. literally anything.

11. "boys of summer." the original is great but i would vote for the remix by the ataris.

12. "criminal" by fiona apple

13. christina aguilera. "dirrty" is a good one. also i would go for "lady marmelade."

14. the beatles! i would venture to go for the "across the universe" soundtrack for cruising purposes, although i would go for the original "twist and shout."

15. more recently? i've loved "love story" by taylor swift and my new favorite song by linkin park (because i just love linkin park), "leave out all the rest." (which i shared with you all yesterday!)

16. "passenger seat" by shedaisy. i would vote for a lot of the shedaisy songs, too.

17. the soundtrack to "that thing you do!"

18. the soundtrack to "rent," but more specifically "out tonight"

19. "jesse's girl." you can't go wrong with "jesse's girl." ever.

20. queen. "bohemian rhapsody," "we will rock you" (of course) and yesterday i found myself be-bopping to "killer queen" on my way to work.

i could go onnnnn and onnnnn. what are your favorite rockin' out songs? i'm always looking to expand my horizons. :)


Kaylynn said...

I'm kind of boring, I only listen to NPR. In fact, you can hear me saying: "I heard this on NPR" But way back, when I lived in Florida, and I was a YW leader, we always listens to the Back Street Boys!

kaitlyn.e said...

ah, to be young again. you should come down here and we can cruise state street in the stang and rock out. wouldn't that be fun?

peachytiffers said...

Ha hahaha, reading these now makes them seem like they were from forever ago!