this blog is my outlet.  my way of sharing my experiences, my pain, my hurt, my joys, my life.  a life riddled with ups and downs, depression, PTSD, and trauma from childhood sexual abuse.

in the process of deciding to create this blog, i thought a lot about what i should call it, and what the content of it should be. then a quote i read awhile ago came to mind:

A Rothko painting “is not a picture of an experience, it is an experience.” (Anonymous Rothko Admirer).

i am a nut for all things art and art history. and in thinking about what this person said, it really resonated with me. not only because i COMPLETELY agree (i absolutely adore mark rothko), but also because i can use this blog as a picture of my experience.

i hope that my perspectives on life will help at least one person.  that is the ultimate goal: to make my own personal hell serve to benefit others.  that is the best way i know how to turn the negative into postive.

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