Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i know i've said this before, but...

...i hate laundry.

yeah, it still hasn't been finished. i did clean the upstairs of the house yesterday, and put a few more loads through the wash. the folding? still haven't started. but today i will do it. i WILL. i swear i will. (okay, i hear you snickering, saying, "yeah, right, cornnut, you've been saying that now for 8 days..." but i really will. just you wait and see.)

we took little buddy to see santa last night. (and mrs. claus, and the reindeer.) he's still too little to understand, but it was fun anyway. he was so good! the photographer couldn't believe we got a good shot on the first try. and mrs. claus told me he was absolutely adorable and such a good baby! talk about a proud mama! he smiled at santa, tried to pull his hair, reached out and touched his face. not a single tear, he didn't reach for me, he didn't get upset at all. i have the best baby ever, i tell you. :)

and the best part? little buddy told santa he wanted a million dollars for his daddy. (okay, daddy, told santa little buddy wanted a million dollars for his daddy.)

do you think it will be stuffed in our stockings on christmas morning?


Kaylynn said...

Sure, if you still believe in Santa Claus, anything can happen

kaitlyn.e said...

I hate laundry. I recently folded a huuuge pile of laundry (only because people were coming over and I was so embarrassed) and now the bed that the laundry is usually on looks so neat. I'm so used to not having my laundry folded that I keep going into that room to get a clean shirt in the morning before I realize that my shirts are folded and in my dresser. ha! good luck.