Monday, March 9, 2009

still stumped on post titles

today i have an appointment with my doctor. i am 11 weeks today. in some ways i feel this pregnancy is dragging on and on, and then when i think about the fact that it's already march 9 and i am nearly in my second trimester i can't believe how fast time flies. with little buddy, my pregnancy was the longest nine months of my life. but this time, i think because i already have one child to take care of, it is going by a little faster.

i am so grateful that i have such a loving and supportive husband. i know that this has been so hard on him. i have been so sick that he has had to take on a lot around the house. in addition to doing more for the baby, plus working 40 hours a week, taking care of me, and sometimes coming home from work early because i just can't take care of little buddy the way he needs. he has been awesome and i couldn't do anything without him. i can't imagine being married to someone who wouldn't help out or would complain about it all the time.

my in-laws and my family have helped, too. my mother in law has come over to help with little buddy and saturday my little brother and sister took turns helping me. i'm so glad that they are close enough to help, and willing to do so. my sister even told me i should call her more. i guess it helps that my son is the most adorable baby in the world and they all love him like crazy.

i really need to get back to work. i know that they are hurting without me there, and we sure need the money. i have been so sick....i just need to figure out a way to get back as soon as i can. luckily i seem to do a little better in the afternoons, when i would be working. mornings are bad and nights are terrible. somehow it will work out. hopefully sooner rather than later.

i am so jealous of all those women who have pregnancies that are easy. even those who are nauseated all the time but still able to handle daily life. if it weren't for these stupid headaches, and the vertigo, and the risk of syncope, i'd be able to deal with the nausea and throwing up without it totally interfering with my life. some women never even have the nausea. i guess it's useless to wish and to be jealous, it won't change anything and really makes me feel worse. i am grateful that i am able to have children. i have so many friends who aren't, or who have had difficulty doing so, and i know how hard it is for them. when i think about that i just feel so guilty for complaining. being a mother is the best thing in the world and i wouldn't give it up for anything.


April said...

Yes - DEFINETLY be glad you can at least HAVE kids! I would give ANYTHING to be preggo! Even 24/7 nausea and vertigo and everything horrible you could think of!!!

Grr....I hate being infertile...

But I'm sorry you're feeling so yucky. :(

Bev said...

When I was about 5 months preggo I threw the what to Expect book across the room because everything that was in the what might go wrong section had. But it was my 5th pregnancy and the first one tht was going to be fruitfull. With my second I was in the hospital at least once a week but i wouldn't trade it for any thing. I love my kiddos an am great ful to have them.