Monday, March 2, 2009

fishy fishy fishy

i apologize for the length between posts recently. i get on every day...and realize i have nothing new to talk (ahem...complain) about and so i don't. still having nightmares. still really sick. gross, gross, gross.

yesterday i was feeling a bit better so we went to the local aquarium as a family. they have a new exhibit open since the last time we went and it was pretty cool. the best part was that little buddy was old enough to sort of understand what was going on. the first time he went, he was maybe five weeks old and slept through most of it. this time, he pointed to the fish and tried to splash in the water at the petting pond. (is that what they're called?) we enjoyed ourselves. by the time we got home, however, my headache was starting to get worse. by the time i went to bed i was seeing flashes of light, had numbness and tingling in my right arm and leg, even some across my abdomen, and i was extremely nauseated. definitely not fun. at least it stayed away long enough for me to get out of the house for a few hours and enjoy my family.

we also had a bit of a scare with our computer this weekend. we kept getting these messages that there had been an internal failure with our hard drive. talk about freak out. luckily my dad was able to help hubby figure out the dos prompts and restore it...there was a file path missing or something. we immediately backed up all of our pictures and video. took me about seven hours to do but we'd been meaning to do it anyway. if we lost all of that we'd be devastated. luckily everything seems to be running fine again. we are thinking about a new computer soon anyway since this one is getting older.

well. i am going to go lay down on the floor and let little buddy climb on me. he rather enjoys that and i still get to lay down. i hope you are all doing well. forgive my absence and lack of comments please!

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devri said...

Just lay there, and don't worry about us. You take care of yourself, being sick sucks.. I know All to well!!!

take it easy!