Monday, March 23, 2009

boy or girl? part two of the old wives' tales

here are some more fun ones!

1. add one tablespoon of crystal drano to a small amount of your first-of-the-morning urine, and wait a bit to see what happens. if the mixture turns a bluish yellow color, that signals a boy. if it turns greenish brown, it's a girl.

2. you are more likely to have morning sickness when it's a girl. a boy, it is said, waits until he's born to upset you!

3. overall, do you feel well or not so well during your pregnancy? it is said that bearing a son is the more comfortable way to go. having a daughter, it is said, makes for a more troublesome pregnancy.

4. does your mom--the child's maternal grandmother--have gray hair or is it colored? it doesn't really matter whether the gray or color is natural or died. if grandma has gray hair, a boy will be born. if her hair is another color, a girl is coming.

5. have you been busier in the kitchen? are you baking chocolate chip cookies when the jar is already overflowing? or does a simple dinner turn out to be a feast of hors d'oeuvres, fancy salad, veggies of all colors, a succulent roast, and a pecan pie, which you've never baked before? that hyper kitchen activity is happening because there's a boy in your tummy. is the kitchen as dull a place as ever? then it's a girl.

6. in iowa, they ask if it's pickles or ice cream you're craving. sour pickles mean a boy. a sweet girl goes with a taste for ice cream.

7. in italy, bread is the key to this test. now that you are pregnant, do you find yourself refusing the heel of a loaf of bread? if so, you're bearing a girl. if you actually prefer the heel, it's a boy.

8. do you get up in the morning with the feeling that you must have a glass of orange juice? if so, a girl is coming. if not, then a boy is coming.

9. carrying high or low? according to folklore, a high baby is a girl, and a low baby is a boy.

1o. what does your stomach resemble, shapewise? without stretching your imagination too far, does the belly resemble a watermelon? then it's a girl. more like a basketball? a boy.

11. where do you get kicked most ofen by your little bundle? it's been said that a boy prefers the ribs. the lower stomach is likely to be the choice of a girl.

12. do those tiny feet go flying to your left most frequently, or to the right? in this norwegian wives' tale boys have an affinity for the right, while girls tend to kick to the left.

13. does the baby lie most frequently on the right or left side of your tummy? a boy will lie to the left, while a girl tends to lie to the right.

14. this one originated centuries ago in vienna. supposedly, baby girls "dance" when they hear music. baby boys keep still and just listen.

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