Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i'm tired of me whining about everything too

it just seems like i can't catch a break. i know...you're all thinking that i'm obnoxious because all i do is complain. i am annoyed with myself. if i had something else to talk about, believe me, i would.

my mother-in-law is on her way over to watch little buddy so i can go back to bed. i've kept hardly anything down for two days, in spite of the scripts my dr gave me to help with that. i'm going to end up having to get IV infusions because i'm not getting the nutrients i need. luckily my hubby can do it so we just have to buy the supplies instead of paying to have it done. i feel awful again today.

my grandma is not doing well at all. i am extremely upset about it. the prognosis is terrible. she doesn't have much time left. it breaks my heart. hubby was so great last night...just held me and let me cry.

little buddy is sick, too. he's got gastroenteritis. luckily he is acting ok and doesn't have a temp, just a virus. poor kid. he is such a good boy. i am so blessed to have such a wonderful son. right now he is playing by himself so i can rest. he's talking to his tickle me cookie monster. i have so much love in my heart for him. i can't imagine fitting another baby in there too...i'll burst being so full of love.

i sure could use some humor. if anyone has a good joke or a funny story, leave it for me in a comment. thanks.


Bev said...

can you keep pedilight pop cicles down. they aren't the best but I lived on them for a week. It beats an IV I also had plenty of those.
It's your blog whine all you want we can always push next blog if we don't want to read it!

Kaylynn said...

No good jokes here, but I loved the knock knock jokes on The Office.

Anonymous said...

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