Wednesday, March 25, 2009

boy or girl? tests for dad

1. do you notice mom smile more since she got pregnant? an affirmative answer means you've got a boy on the way. if there are no more smiles or fewer than before, folklore declares that attitude is brought on by a girl.

2. dad, if you are more nervous now that mom is pregnant, expect a girl. a boy will make you feel more relaxed.

3. a lot of household projects come with a pregnancy. if you're getting more projects done around the house, there's a new son in your future. if you're not doing any more than you did before, it's a girl.

4. sometimes fathers gain weight with pregnancy, too. if you get heavier as mom's pregnancy advances, it means a boy is on the way. if that's not the case, you're looking ahead to a girl.

5. pull apart a dried turkey wishbone with mom. if your piece is bigger, it's a son. if mom's is bigger, a daughter is coming.

6. thread a needle and stick it into the eraser head of a pencil. use the thread to dangle the pencil over mom's wrist, then wait for the pencil to start moving. if the pencil swings from side to side, it's a boy. if it sings parallel to mom's arm, it's a girl.

7. put a tissue on a table and ask mom to pick it up. if she grabs the edge of the tissue, she will have a girl. if she grabs one of the four corners, she will have a boy.

8. offer mom a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) and watch how she picks it up. if you see her pick it up by the handle, her baby is a boy. if she keeps her hands warm by holding the cup by its sides, it's a girl.

9. a romanian old wives' tale says to sneak up behind mom and sprinkle a bit of cornmeal in her hair. the hope she doesn't shake it out before she asks, "why did you do that?" respond by asking her to touch her mouth or her nose. if she touches her mouth, she's pregnant with a girl. if she touches her nose, it's a baby boy.

10. put two pillows on the floor. ask mom to look the other way, then put a fork under one pillow and a spoon under the other. now get mom's attention and ask her sit on one of the pillows. if she sits on the one with the fork, she'll have a girl. if she sits on the one with the spoon, it's a boy.

11. ask mom to lie on her back. tie her wedding ring to a string and hold it so it hangs three inches above her stomach. hold the string still. when it starts to swing, does it swing for a boy, hip to hip? or for a girl, up and down the stomach?

12. when mom gets up after sitting on the floor, watch what she does. if it's a girl, she will put her hands behind her to push and pull herself up. if she used her arms at her side to get up, it's a boy.
13. this one is from italy. pull her hair up from the back of her neck. if you see new hair growth that forms a point or a "v," she's having a boy. if it's growing straight across her neck, it's because of the presence of a girl.

14. ask mom to show you her hands. how does she hold them out? palms up, it's a girl. palms down, it's a boy.

15. place a key in the palm of your hand and ask mom to pick it up. how does she grab it? by the "teeth"? it's a girl. by the base? it's a boy.

16. use this romanian test by sneaking up behind mom and sprinkling salt in her hair. do it without her noticing. in five or ten minutes, look to see if she scratches her lips or nose. if she goes for the nose, it's a boy. the lips, it's a girl.

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