Thursday, March 5, 2009

this post shall be called...untitled.

yesterday we bit the bullet and bought a new computer. we have been having problems with ours for a long time. we bought something smaller and much more inexpensive, but that will be great for internet use and our digital camera. that's pretty much all we use the computer for anyway.

also a little bit of good news on the home selling front. we contested our appraisal and were able to lower it by $4,000 which means we can set the MLS lower. this is a very good thing. we are hoping that we will get more interest in it again.

the past couple of days i have been feeling a little better. yesterday i was well enough to walk around costco for a little bit. today i'm not feeling too great but i'm hoping that will improve as the day goes on.

so now for some help. little buddy has been throwing tantrums lately. hubby and i have read about them and what to do. we think we have some pretty good ideas. anyone else have kids who threw tantrums at 12 months? any ideas on what we should do?


Cheryl said...

Possible reasons for tantrums at 12 months:

*Growth spurt (mild body pain, although short-lived)


*Testing small boundaries/learning some independence (although it won't come to a head until they are about 3 or 4 years old).

*Not getting enough time with a parent, or being ignored, and realizing that throwing tantrums gets himself attention (not saying you're ignoring him!).

*He's 12 months old.

It could be any of these things (or other things, too). Just don't be hard on the little guy --here's some effective ways of "re-teaching" or "disciplining" him:

*Distraction! Still works at this age.

*Removing the situation/toy/food/problem for tears.

*Quietly teaching him "no" without scaring him.

*I wouldn't spank him --all they understand at this age is, "mommy hit me!"

Good Luck! With this and the house selling...

Bev said...

My DD threw tantrums because she was speech delayed. I couldn't understand her so she'd tantrum out of frustration. We learned a few signs and got pictures of common things for her to show us. Don't know if this applies but it's what I know.

Bethany said...

Man I am still learning myself. That is exactly what is happening at our house. :) SOrry