Thursday, March 26, 2009

boy or girl? how to infulence it

even though we know now that a baby's gender is decided at the moment of conception, i thought these old wives' tales were fun. they tell you how to influence the gender of your baby.

1. if you prefer a girl, just sleep with a pink ribbon under your pillow. if you want a boy, then a blue ribbon will do the trick.

2. if dad puts sugar in his boots as you are about to deliver, it will be a girl. if he puts salt in his shoes as your labor pains start, it's a boy.

3. swedish folklore says your pregnancy will shift into male gear if you carry a garlic bud with you wherever you go. for a girl, carry an onion.

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ABrunettesLife said...

hi! Found you through Modern Molly Mormon. I've also heard, If you carry straight out front: boy. To the sides: girl. I know it's silly, but was true for me :)