Monday, March 23, 2009

what are you having?

if you asked my hubby this question he would say, "a baby. duh." (even though you meant "boy or girl?") he's funny like that.

when i was pregnant with little buddy, before we had the ultrasound to tell us his gender, we got this little book called "boy or girl?" that is full of fun old wives' tales to tell you what you are having. ironically enough, after taking all the little tests, i was supposedly having a girl. ha....not!

according to the chinese conception chart, i'll be having a boy. (with little buddy it told me i was having a girl.)

so i thought i'd take a break from my normal complaining and share some of the fun old wives' tales with you. if anyone has any more that they've heard or were told while they were pregnant, or "tests" that you can do, leave them in the comments!

1. this old german tale checks not whether you are the fairest mother of all, but what your eyes say. stare into the mirror for at least one minute, but not more than three. do your eyes dilate? if yes, a boy. they don't? a girl.

2. pull your lower eyelids down and look at the whites of your eyes. do you see a broken blood vessel in the shape of a "v"? if that "v" is in the lower half of your right eye, count on a boy. left eye, it's a girl.

3. is your hair getting thinner and stringier with each day of pregnancy? if so, swedish folklore says you are pregnant with a girl. or is your hair becoming more shiny and full-bodied? if so, it's a boy.

4. if your leg hair is growing faster now, a boy is on the way. if your hair growth legwise is the same as before your pregnancy, you should be getting ready for a girl.

5. french tale tellers look to mom's legs for their clue. it's true that legs can put on weight during pregnancy. are your legs beginning to resemble tree trunks? a sure sign of a boy. if your legs are just as trim as they were before you became pregnant, look for a girl.

6. are your hands rough or smooth? a girl goes with smooth hands, a boy with rough.

7. have your fingernails grown faster and stronger during pregnancy? if yes, it's a boy. if no, it's a girl.

8. do you notice any weight gain on your backside? if no, a boy is on the way. if yes, a girl is around the corner.

9. now for face weight. are you more ample about the face since you became pregnant? italians say that's what comes with having a girl. still got your slender profile? it's a boy.

10. are you bugged by your feet being colder than before? if it's no, score another for the girl. if it's yes, mark one for the boy.

11. an old new england tale says if you are sleeping in a bed with your head to the north, you'll have a boy. a girl is on the way if your pillow points to the south.

12. a boy is on the way when you experience more difficulty breathing during your pregnancy. no problem breathing free and easy? it's a girl.

13. at the doctor, pay attention to the baby's heart rate. a rate of 139 or below indicates a boy. if it is 140 or above, it's a girl.

14. germans say that a girl will want to make you sleep more than before, but a boy won't make you so sleepy.

15. a girl is favored if you sleep on your right side. if your left side is your usual choice, it's a boy.

these are just a few...i'll share more another day. any of these totally wrong for you? totally accurate?


Kaylynn said...

Very funny! Ultrasounds seems to be pretty accurate. Some people just seems to "know".

Mother Goose said...

too funny! i Have heard of so many of these too!

Enola said...

There is the ring test. Thread your wedding ring onto a string. Hold it over your belly button. If it spins in a circle it's a boy - straight line (back and forth) then a girl.

The ring test, heartrate and chinese calendar were right on with both of mine. However, everyone told me you get more morning sickness with girls, and for me it was the opposite.