Tuesday, May 4, 2010

transformational self portrait

recently paula, on her blog recovery in art, posted an art therapy exercise based on transformational art therapy. she called it a different kind of self-portrait. she got the idea from art therapy blog--which is a great blog as well. make sure to check out both paula's blog and the art therapy blog. (paula has written several posts about her self portraits already. i just love to read her blog, definitely link over to it!)

Coming Up With the Concept
Think of an experience or event from the past that still has a negative impact on my life today. It could be something big or small, recent or long ago. About what happened, how the event(s) played out, and how it affects me today. Maybe even writing down the thoughts and emotions connected with. mental/emotional state, etc.

Getting Started
This will be a little different than the typical self-portrait though. For this art therapy activity, I have to create a transformational self-portrait mural. This can be a painting, drawing, collage, whatever emerges. Any material, any form is welcome.

The First Piece of the Transformational Self Portrait Art
Based on the concept above, the first piece of the transformational self portrait will show the effect this negative event had in my life and how it transformed me. This first piece will be a self-portrait based on how I was in the past. It could be e.g. based on the details of the experience/event, or something based on one aspect of the experience that might be the source of the negative impact, or an overall reflection of the “self” at that time.

The Second Piece of the Transformational Self Portrait Art
Another self-portrait, but it will more of a traditional self-portrait in the sense that this creation will reflect ME “self” as I AM NOW. This middle piece should represent the impact of this negative event till today.

The Final Piece of the Transformational Self Portrait Art
The final piece of my transformational self-portraits looks toward the future. This particular activity doesn’t have to be a reflection of the immediate future or any specific date. Imagining how I wanna be, how I WANT to change my “self” because of this past negative experience. MY "ideal" future self.

The Transformational Self Portrait - Putting It All Together

Look at your 3 pieces and put them together to see your final product. Look at what you’ve created and see if you can notice elements in your creation that reflect the transformation that occurred and the transformation you want to happen. And now that you’ve created an image of your ideal future self, you can work on becoming the image you created. Certainly, this is easier said than done, but hopefully this will be a good start, and a reminder, to work on your future transformation!

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Paula said...

Dear One, how sweet of you to mention my humble work here. I cannot describe how much I have learned already with this exercise. Even now during this process of struggling with the self portrait "future" - I am so grateful having found this transformational exercise. Love form my heart to yours. Hugs