Thursday, May 20, 2010

this is me, i am (self-portrait 2)

this is the second self-portrait from the art therapy activity in my PTSD workbook.

after completing the previous four drawings, my workbook asked me to draw a second self-portrait and compare it with the first. it asks me if i see myself the same as i did when i drew the first self-portrait. this isn't really a yes or no answer to me. i guess the answer would be "mostly." after completing the first two drawings i had no idea what i would do different on this one. in fact i was contemplating not doing it at all because i had no new ideas. but then i did the life's road drawing. and i started to see myself a little bit differently. (i won't repeat it here, you can look at the life's road drawing again if you'd like.)

so...this is me. i am. i am contemplative. i am a little surprised, and a little more interested in seeing where my journey of recovery will take me.

this is me, i am (self-portrait 1)
this is my space
my life's road
my family and me

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lostinamaze said...

Your eyes really capture what the picture says to me. They are what I am first drawn to. This picture really speaks to me.