Saturday, November 7, 2009

trying to pull out of it

last night was a hard night.

i cried and fell asleep and felt a bit better.

doing a little better today, although i have a headache and the fever though. hope i'm not getting sick.

i'm still struggling with this depression. i kind of just want to crawl into bed, cry some more, and hide from the world. but i can't. and i shouldn't, either.

today i found the blog of one of my friends from high school. she is blogging about something she's thankful for every day for this month. i've seen people do this in the past but it had totally slipped my mind. i think maybe that is something that can help me overcome this depression. trying to concentrate on the wonderful blessings i have in my life. while we are already a week into the month, i'm too late to do it every day, but i can start now. and i won't guarantee that i'll do it every day but i will try.

so my next post will be the first of my thankful posts.

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