Monday, November 9, 2009

day three: i am thankful for...

my daughter.

sweet little princess. she is five weeks old now and i can't believe how fast time flies! my little baby girl has only been a part of our family for a short time and it almost feels as if she's been here forever. i love to hold her, to feel her little chest go up and down, to smell her sweet head. i love to touch her tiny fingers and toes, to hold her tiny hand, to kiss her soft skin. i love to hold her close to me, her head on my chest, my arms around her. i love her tiny sighs and her bright wide eyes.

although our little princess was another big surprise, i can't help but feel like it was planned all along. she is so beautiful and so perfect, how could she not be part of our family? i look forward to watching her learn and grow the way i have watched little buddy. i wonder: what will she be like? what will she look like? what will she grow up to be? will she be a dancer, a musician, a rocket scientist? she is so precious and innocent. i want her to stay that way forever. but i also want her to grow up strong, intelligent, and knowing her own self-worth the way i never did. i am so grateful for the opportunity to love and protect her, to teach her what an amazing, beautiful person she is and will become. i am thankful for the opportunity to give her something i didn't have, to give her the knowledge that she is of infinite worth.

i am thankful to be the mother of such a sweet infant. i am thankful for the months of carrying her inside me, in spite of its difficulties, for feeling her move and grow. i am thankful for being able to give birth to such a beautiful child. i am grateful to be given the chance to raise her, to teach her, to love her.

i love you, little princess.

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AmyPoll said...

What a cute and amazing write so beautifully. I love the tributes to your hubby and children...they will be cherished for a lifetime.