Saturday, November 7, 2009

day one: i am thankful for...

my husband.

it was kind of a fluke chance that i met my husband. but i like to think of it as fate...that we were destined to be together.

we met online, on an LDS dating site. i should have been studying, instead i decided to log on to the site one morning in the library on campus. he sent me a message and we starting chatting. two weeks later we decided to meet in person. our first date started off terribly (that's a story in itself) and ended perfectly. three days after i met him we were officially a couple.

it has been four years since i met him and i am more in love with him now than i ever thought i could be. we have had our ups and downs, and we are making our marriage stronger. we have two beautiful children together.

my husband is a loving father and husband. he would do anything for me or our children, and i know that without a doubt. he is extremely hardworking and does an amazing job providing for our family. he is supportive of me. he gives the best hugs and i think he smells awesome. i like to just sit and look at him when he doesn't think i'm watching because he is such a handsome man. (he sure does have a sexy butt!) his blue eyes make me melt.

i don't know many people more dedicated to doing what they believe is right. he is a very black and white kind of person and i admire that in him. no matter how hard it is he will do what he believes is right, to maintain his integrity. he is compassionate and has spent much of his life giving to and helping people he doesn't know. he has seen horrific things and has come through it a stronger man. working as an emt and a firefighter has given him experience i admire.

throughout all of my personal ups and downs, my breakdowns and tears, he has been there to hold me and comfort me, to yell at me when i need it, to bring me back to reality, to make me feel loved and appreciated. he has been there telling me that i am not worthless, that he loves me and is there for me. he's been there telling me that everything will be okay and he will help me be a better person.

in spite of our disagreements, in spite of the struggles we have had, he has stuck around. he has put up with more crap from me than most anyone could deal with. and in spite of all i've put him through, somehow he still loves me. i marvel at this. i just can't believe that he is still here, still telling me that he loves me and wants to be with me. i doubt i will ever understand what it is he sees in me that makes him want to be with me. i will never understand--but i will always be grateful. i will always be grateful for his sticking with me, for his continuing to love and support me.

i love you honey. you are my greatest blessing. without you i wouldn't have my beautiful children, my life wouldn't be as full as it is. you have completed me and made me a better person, you have shown me perspectives on life that i never would have had otherwise. you have taught me so much. i am thankful for the sacrifices you make for me and to make me happy.

i am so grateful for you.


Vanessa said...

that was probably the sweetest thing I'v ever read. You are one lucky girl!

spencer said...

Who you talkin' bout? :p