Wednesday, November 11, 2009

day five: i am thankful for....

my friends.

i have been blessed to have some of the greatest friends anyone could ever have.

growing up, especially through jr high and high school, my friends were my saving grace. they were the ones i could talk to, share my dark thoughts and secrets with, share good times and laughter with, and cry with. all this with their love and support, and without being judged. even today i know that my best friends are still there for me, and that i can go to them with anything if i need to, and i am so grateful for that.

when i think about my best friends and everything we went through, the ups and downs in our friendships, i can't help but smile. i can't help but think about the hours we spent talking on the phone. the millions of crushes we went through. the days we sat around and did nothing. the hard times with our families. the movies we watched (and rewound certain parts to watch over and over). the places we went. the music we listened to. how heartbreaking it was when i moved my sophomore year, and left my friends behind there....only to find new and wonderful friends.

i know those of you who read my blog know who you are. i love you all a ton. thank you for always being there for me. i am so grateful for your love and friendship.

and to my very best friend in the entire world: my hubby. not only are you my smokin' hot husband but also my friend and confidante. i love you.

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kaitlyn.e said...

millions of crushes? rewinding movies over and over again? you were weird.