Sunday, November 8, 2009

day two: i am thankful for....

my son.

my little buddy is nearly 21 months old and i can hardly believe it. he was a surprise for us, and the first of two of the greatest blessings hubby and i could ever ask for. i can't believe that God has given me such a precious little boy. his beautiful, clear blue eyes that are just like his daddy's, his blond hair, his perfect pale skin (like his mommy), and his sweet personality.

little buddy is learning to talk and just within the last week he has started saying "mommy." every time he says it my heart just melts. what an amazing be called mommy by my little boy. i have been so amazed while watching him grow and learn. little buddy also knows some sign language. we started teaching him when he was a year and i can't believe how quickly he learns new signs. just today he learned a new sign: coat. (he also attempted horse but didn't quite get it.) he is so smart, and so observant. he will see me or his daddy do something then imitate us--like putting keys up to a doorhandle. the best one recently is that he's been watching me nurse the baby. he'll pick up one of my nursing pads, lift up his shirt, and put it up to his chest like he's seen me do. so cute! and hilarious, too!

i am in awe of the fact that i am a mother, especially the mother of such a bright little boy. i am so grateful to be his mother and try very hard not to take it for granted. i am thankful for his bright smile and beautiful laugh, for his hugs and kisses, for the sweet noises he makes and the way he asks to be picked up.

i love you, little buddy. thank you for being my baby boy.

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