Monday, November 23, 2009

day seventeen: i am thankful for....


have you ever noticed that we each have our own soundtrack, a soundtrack to our life? songs that bring back memories, that match our moods, that speak to our souls. songs that make us happy, songs that bring tears to our eyes, that evoke emotion within us. i have certain CDs that i listen to when i'm happy, some i like when i want to relax, some to make me feel better, and some that speak to me when i'm depressed. i have songs that i can sing over and over again and never get sick of them. i am so grateful for music, for the way that it speaks to my soul.

i am also grateful for my ability to play the piano. i started taking piano lessons from my dad when i was about four. at five, i took lessons from a neighbor, and by the time i was in junior high i was taking lessons from a teacher with a waiting list a mile long. after ten years of piano lessons, the piano has become a part of me. playing is a great outlet when i'm sad or angry, it is fun and relaxing. i love to play contemporary music, songs from movies and plays, songs we all know. i also love to play classical music....bach, mozart, beethoven, clementi, handel, schubert, mendelssohn, chopin, brahms.

i am thankful my parents made me take lessons, made me push through the practicing even when i hated it. i'm grateful for the teachers i've had, that have taught me, and disciplined me when i didn't practice, that instilled in me a love of music, that taught me to express emotion through my fingers. i'm thankful for the beautiful melodies, the songs that are a part of me.

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♥georgie♥ said...

music makes the world go round...i wish we were more musically inclined