Friday, November 7, 2008

singing the blues

do you ever feel like what you do doesn't really matter?

i feel that way a lot. and i know in my head it's not true, but for me "knowing" something is totally separate from "feeling" something.

like when i clean up the house, and it's a mess within twenty minutes. or when i do something at work and no one really cares. or when i spend time blogging and i don't get any comments. (hint hint) :)

i think my depression today has a lot to do with lack of sleep. it has been...oh...who knows how long...since i've had a good night's sleep. and poor little buddy has been pretty cranky for the last few days because he is teething. he cut his third tooth this week and his fourth is about to emerge at any moment. i'm also stressed out--but i'm not really sure why, exactly. financial struggles. but that's nothing new. lots to do at work. but that's not really new, either. the house that is a disaster. ha, that's also nothing new.

so why so melancholy today?

i'm not sure. maybe there's something negative in the air.

so how do i change it? what cheers you up when you're having a bad day? especially when you don't know why?


JAG said...

FYI - I want you to know that I am *always* willing to babysit for free. I know I don't live close, but I'm dead serious. If you ever need a free break, even if it's just to sleep, let me know.
In fact, I'll be in 'the big city close to where we live' ;) on Saturday after breakfast. I'd be *more than happy* to take the little guy for a few hours. (It works two ways - you get a break and I get a baby fix) ;)
Seriously, let me know.

And as far as feeling better, go outside. It's sunny. Go to the park and play with little guy. :D
Hope you feel better soon!

Kaylynn said...

Yeah, I haven't commented in a long time. I hate cleaning! I think it is such a sysyphian task, and it is depressing. I hope you have a manic day soon!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I usually blast some music and have a little nerdy-dance fest. :)

And you do matter...and sorry for the lack of comments, I shouldn't be too busy to support a friend. :)