Sunday, November 2, 2008

how to be passive aggressive: prop 8 style

i originally posted this on my private blog...which is much more passive aggressive, since only 2 people read it...but hubby suggested i post it here, so i did.

1. receive approximately one million invitations to join "yes on prop 8" groups on facebook

2. notice that approximately one-third of your facebook friends have changed their profile pictures to "yes on 8" logos

3. notice that approximately half of your blogger/facebook/myspace friends are posting about voting yes on prop 8

4. get really, really sick of it

5. join about five "no on prop 8" groups on facebook so that people will notice that you do not support proposition 8, or the church's involvement in politics

6. hope that by being passive aggressive people will stop sending you crap about voting yes on 8. especially when YOU DON'T LIVE IN CALIFORNIA (AND EVEN IF YOU COULD DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT YOU WOULDN'T) ANYWAY. and most of them know this

7. post about being passive aggressive in a passive aggressive manner on a blog that hardly anyone reads anyway.

8. count down the minutes until november 5 and the stupid election will be over. finally!

9. hope you don't really offend anyone by this blog post even though very few people read it and if they're offended it's pretty sad anyway because you are allowed to have your own political views, even if they do differ from the church. and besides it doesn't make you any less faithful and besides that it is no one's place to judge

10. decide you probably shouldn't be passive aggressive, so you actually post your views on another public blog called "normal mormons" (partially to stir up controversy, chuckling evilly, but also partially to express the view you've been bottling up inside) so that people can know what you think and discuss it

so everyone should go read and discuss my post at normal mormons now.

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flip flop mama said...

For me it's just about following the prophet. He has asked us to be involved in Prop 8 and because I believe he has a better vantage point and is called of God, I follow what he says.