Thursday, November 20, 2008

the brighter side of life

my dear friend, kaitlyn.e, and i are conducting a social experiment.

our experiment is this: a blog devoted to all things positive. we have decided to call it TWO GLASSES HALF FULL.

as kaitlyn.e so beautifully put it, "if we act like our glasses are half full, will we feel like our glasses are half full?"

this blog is an attempt for both of us to look at our lives in a more positive light. we both have our struggles, and if you've read my blog, you know that mine include depression. so we are taking the time and effort to look for our fuzzy moments.
so head on over, leave us a gleeful thought, and share your half full view on your day with us.

kaitlyn.e also blogs at a melody softly soaring.


kaitlyn.e said...


Mother Goose said...

when i started my blog. I chose to only portray the good and the positive. I have a hand written journal where I vent and rant a bit. Although, true feelings. I don't like going back to read those emotions. It brings it all back as if I was there yesterday. It might help my children or whomever but those will be left for when I die. My blogging is my living journal of our lives. Sometimes, I give a coloring of the obstacles but I don't elaborate. My children love to read my blog daily and since I have printed my blog to book they flip through the pages and pictures often. It's for them. So, my life is good and I want them to know I love that I chose this too.

But, let's be real. They live with the REAL me too, so they see my Joan Crawford moments, as well.

JustRandi said...

What a great idea. Nobody likes a whiny blog. I mean, venting now and then is one thing, but when it's constant, yikes.
I love name of the experiment, too!

JAG said...

What a great idea!