Tuesday, November 11, 2008

tag tag tag i'm it

k so i'm doing this tag that april put on her blog. she tagged anyone who wanted to do it. so i decided i might as well.

1. i don't like spoons. if i could eat soup with a fork, i would. something about the shape of them in my mouth...i don't know. i even eat ice cream with a fork.

2. i can't whistle. i never have been able to. please, don't offer to teach me, don't exclaim your shock and suprise at my lack of whistling ability, and don't tell me that i really can do it if i do it your way. i'm pretty sure every time someone finds out i can't whistle they try to teach me how.

3. i cry in art museums. the sheer beauty of everything around me is overhwelming. sometimes it's just getting teary-eyed--and sometimes i really, actually, burst into tears. pathetic, i know, but (as i have mentioned many many times, haha) art speaks to me in a way that nothing else does.

4. in high school, my very first "accident" was me hitting my friend's car. i'd had my license for like two minutes, backed out of a parking spot but didn't go far enough. and hit her car. (remember that, kmo?) i was really embarrassed...

5. one of my goals growing up was to be a famous fashion designer and move to paris. i even took french in high school for that purpose alone. that goal changed when i was about 18 and realized that i wanted a family more than i wanted to be a designer living in france.

6. i love to putter around thrift stores, antique shops, vintage clothing stores, yard sales, and swap meets. you never know what you'll find!

7. i love toffee. my mouth is watering just thinking about it...ooooh....yum. toffee is the best thing EVER.

okay so now i tag....anyone who, like me, has writer's block, and nothing to do. :)


JAG said...

1. I always eat ice cream with a fork if it's served with a brownie/cake. I think it's more that I can't eat a brownie/cake with a spoon...
2. I can whistle, but not very well.
3. I don't cry, but I love me some art museums!
4. My first "accident" was when I backed my mom's car out of the driveway and into MY OWN CAR! I think I win.
5. One of my goals growing up was to be a marine biologist. Just because I was obsessed with dolphins.
6. Ditto. And let's go.
7. Toffee is my FAVORITE candy!!

I didn't really want to write my own random things, and your's were pretty similar to stuff about me, so I just thought I'd comment. :)

Mother Goose said...

i eat icecream with a fork too!
I loved your randoms

kaitlyn.e said...

that's interesting. my first "accident" was when my friend backed her parents' car into mine.