Tuesday, November 4, 2008

happy election day

a few random tidbits for your reading and, of course, responding pleasure:

found this through a friend today: voting with gum! brilliant. apparently it's a guerrilla project and i thought it was hilarious.

this time tomorrow we'll have a new president. (at least we'd better.) does that scare/excite anyone besides me?

what do you think of the new prop 8 commercial attacking the church? i would vote no on 8 (you already know that) but i completely disagree with this ad. it is ridiculous--so much hate, so much disrespect. on BOTH sides. how pathetic, that we all can't be adults, can't be respectful of differing opinions.

i copied this really cute little sign and "thankful turkey" that rarely home mom posted on her blog. i have literally no thanksgiving decorations, and i'm a nut for decorating. i have no money...does anyone have any cute ideas for decorations that i can make with things i already have?

very interesting editorial i saw perusing the news world today, about blogging--and how to stay safe while doing it. especially for people who post personal info and family pictures online. (as you can tell i try very hard to stay away from that--although i do have a private blog with pictures and stuff on it. it was eye opening, to say the least.) i would highly recommend taking a look at it.

it's getting closer to christmas! i'm trying (not really succeeding) to be un-annoying and stay away from christmas music. although i have succumbed a few times. i'm looking for some good music i can download. what are your favorite christmas arrangements? i wish we had more thanksgiving music....i think adam sandler's thanksgiving song is about it, though, outside of the two or three hymns we've got.

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