Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what i think should change as i get older

no more zits. seriously. i thought i'd get out of my teen years and be acne free---HA! yeah, right!

i should be more mature. no more of this stupid teenage angst crap. but i still get that...way too often. mood swings...immature emotions...over reacting to stupid stuff...egh.

i should be uber-intelligent. i mean, i know i'm smart. i've never lacked in the brain area. but i should be even smarter, and able to quote the dictionary or something, right? instead i'm LOSING brain cells. that shouldn't happen until i'm about 75 or so.

i should still have a social life. you know, go out with friends and such. i got married and my single friends basically fell off the map. since now that i'm married i'm boring and all....and my married friends are busy. okay, i'm busy. but i should still have a social life, darn it. (we do go out with our married friends...like every couple of months or so. i just mean MORE.)

i should be making like fifty grand a year now that i'm older and wiser (haha). but i don't think that will happen.

i should be debt free. nope!

i should be incredi-mom. you know, super-wife. still lacking there, too...i guess i have years to improve...but my poor hubby deserves more.

so now that i'm done with the "shoulds"....

i love that i'm a mommy now. and i have a super duper hubby. it is awesome to know that i have my own family--the cornnut and hubby and little buddy family. just us! when i say "my family" now i don't mean my parents and siblings. (not that they're not awesome too, but, you know.)

i love that i can make decisions with my hubby and on my own. no more asking for permission and being told no, unless i clean my room, do the dishes, etc.

i love that even though we have a lot of financial struggles, we both have good jobs. steady jobs. jobs that we WON'T GET FIRED FROM. :) (praises to hubby who got a freaking awesome review at work this week! and they want him to train newbies! yay!)

i love that i get to live with my best friend. no more saying goodbye at the end of a date. it's just us, together, forever. better than roommates!

so what are the pros/cons of getting older for you? it's not like i'm that old or anything...but it sure seems like i'm ancient some days.


Cheryl said...

Let's see...I'm with you on the zits thing. I'm almost 30 and I'm still getting acne? Wha?

But the things that have improved: I am slower to anger. I am slower to take offense. I worry less about what other people think of me (it's not gone, though!). I have gained so much wisdom in the last 11 years (since I was a teen) that I find myself thrilled to be in my 30's, just anxious for what I'll learn next (even the hard way)! I have gained amazing life long friends, many of which are in the same situation I am (i.e. mommy bloggers!). I have learned to put feelings before agendas, think before I speak, and praise before I criticize.
Cons? Besides zits? My body is getting older. My knees hurt, my tendinitis in my right hand flares up more. It's harder for me to conceive children now (the last two tries have been doozies. Well, the most recent try hasn't even happened, yet! And people say waiting until their 30's are wise. HA! Good luck!). It's harder for me to survive on little sleep.

But I'll take the physical deterioration for the character development anytime. :)

Scoresbys said...

I'm just a stalker, but you've guilted me into actually leaving a comment. I'm 31.
Pro to aging: My OB/GYN just informed me that after 30 you only need a pap smear every 3 years instead of every 3. Of course, this pro is slightly offset by the fact that I'm closer to mammogram age. Ugh!
Con to aging: I'm shelling out mega bucks for Oil of Olay Regenerist products in an attempt to stem the tide of time across my face.

Sincere Pro to Aging: I compare myself way less to others. I'm comfortable with mothering and the decisions I'm making with my kids. I express myself without the subtle apologies for living and thinking that many Mormon women make.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Cons to aging: Mostly body and brain stuff. I would like to be faster, smarter, and more energetic.

Pros to aging: SO MUCH more comfortable in my own skin. I really don't worry about what most people think of me. I also feel that I have earned some amazing knowledge through tough trials. And I love that discerning my true friends has become much easier. :)

Kimberly said...

I so could have written this.