Saturday, October 18, 2008

picture of my soul

so since this post i have debated whether or not i should post some of my art. my art is extremely personal and i am very sensitive to criticism (just ask my hubby) so it was a difficult decision. however, i decided it wouldn't hurt to put up a few images.

these images are from my high school portfolio. some of them may be darker in content. at the time i was really struggling with severe depression, the after-effects of my childhood abuse, negative personal relationships, and the regular normal teenage angst. please, please, please, remember that (most of) these images are my inner turmoil put on paper. this is how i dealt with my demons. if you are disturbed, i'm sorry, really i am, but please do not be disrespectful. (i didn't scan any of the more graphic and disturbing images on purpose.) if i did not have my art to turn to there is a very real possibility i would not be here today to show them to you.

i apologize for the poor quality of these images. they are low-resolution scans from copies made from slides of the originals. the original artwork is MUCH too large to scan. i thought about taking digital pictures of some of them but the battery is dead in my camera. which is why the only images i have at this time are from my junior and senior years of high school; they came from my AP portfolio.


kaitlyn.e said...

i love you and your art. next time you want to get me a present, i vote you make me a picture that i can hang on my wall. that would be the best present ever.

April said...

Wow! This should be part of some sort of collection! IT's really really good and definetly conveys so many different emotions. I don't think it's "dark" persay, but obviously it is for YOU because you created these peices while you were feeling a certain way. But I think I have felt like this a number of times. Especially in high school. While I never had the same feelings or experiences as you, I can still feel what some of these are conveying. What a great job! I think you should do some art NOW and let us take a look.

Kaylynn said...

They are really good. I wish that I could work out things through art, but I only make stick figures that show no emotion. Thanks for sharing!

Mother Goose said...

great stuff you have! Do you have anything more recent? I would love to see what more you have done.

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cornnut32 said...

thank you, all of you for your sweet comments!

i will definitely work on getting some more recent stuff up. hopefully the new stuff won't look all washed out. i'll have to figure out a way to do that.

you guys make me feel so happy. i'm glad i decided to put up some of my work. :)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Way to go, having the bravery to put your work up for us to see. I can definitely see that you put a lot of your emotions into your art, which just makes them so powerful.

VICKI IN AZ said...

I love these. Thank you for sharing them, you are brave and a gift.