Friday, October 17, 2008

how was my day? well let me tell you...

things i have eaten today:
1. leftover santa fe chicken and rice. the beans were not cooked correctly (duh to me) so i had to choke it down. but i was too lazy to make anything.

2. a fudge with chocolate chip cookie from the vending machine at work.

3. leftover frozen taco soup that was defrosted and reheated.

4. a bite of baby's oatmeal so i could clean off the spoon to put it back in the diaper bag. ooh, yum.

things i have procrastinated today:
1. dishes

2. laundry (although i did actually fold it)

3. vacuuming

4. did i mention dishes? i did? well i hate dishes. so i doubly put them off.

things i wished i could do today:
1. sleep in

2. take a long bath

3. take a nap

4. wiggle my nose and have the dishes done

shows i have watched today:
1. the simpsons

2. life

3. what about jim

4. super nanny

places i've gone today:
1. work

2. the post office

3. a scrapbooking store to see me mum

4. home

songs i listened to today:
1. the song little buddy's learning lion sings

2. the song little buddy's learning lion sings

3. the song little buddy's learning lion sings

4. the song little buddy's learning lion sings

things i have stressed over today:
1. cleaning my house (which i didn't do)

2. selling my house (which will never happen)

3. the fact that i'm so tired i can't stand it anymore

4. i'm feeling kind of sick and what am i going to do if i really get full-blown sick????

things i am thankful for today:
1. a husband who works so hard for our family

2. my perfect child and his perfect smile

3. watching little buddy pull himself up in a standing position for the first time

4. getting to see my mom


Beck said...

Some days are kind of stinky. On the plus side, you ate WAAAAAY less than I did. Go, you! said...

haahah, the song part was funny. cute meme :)

Mother Goose said...

i love meme's like this. you get to really know a person