Friday, October 17, 2008

three thumbs way, way up!

two of mine and one of little buddy's.

do you like my new layout? i know you do. how do i know this? because it is freaking awesome. where did i get this freaking awesome new layout?
from my freaking awesome new blogger buddy, april, who blogs at april showers and normal mormons.

so go leave her lots of comments and tell her how beautiful it is.
the inspiration? my reason for calling my blog "picture of experience," and this beautiful painting from mark rothko.

sidenote: i think i use the phrase "freaking awesome" a lot.


Kimberly said...

Can't think of a better phrase to descibe it! It's so colourful, unique, and yet doesn't distract from the posts by being too busy. A perfect fit!

Beck said...

Your page looks GREAT! (and look at that wittle thumb. AW!)