Saturday, October 25, 2008

how i spend my saturday mornings

you know you're either a) bored out of your mind, b) lazy, c) sick or d) don't have cable when you're watching really crappy saturday morning cartoons. when your kid is taking a nap. and you are home alone.

yes. i am watching "kirby: right back at ya!" by myself. can i just say that i don't like japanese animation. i never have. ever. it really really really bugs me the way the movement of their mouths does not match the sound. the hokey action bothers me. and yet, kirby is the best thing on tv right now. and i am not feeling well. and i am bored. and i am being lazy because i should be doing dishes. and folding laundry. and it's true, we don't have cable.

so that's my saturday morning for you. the sad thing is that i really like watching cartoons. even before little buddy was born, i chose to watch little kids shows. all of those old mgm cartoons, and the flintstones, and the jetsons, and tom and jerry, and looney toons, and animaniacs, and rocko's modern life, and all other manner of cartoony goodness. i even watched teenage mutant ninja turtles (which was, in fact, my favorite cartoon when i was little) and x-men. i'm sure that dates me but those were the shows that were on saturday morning when i was a kid. i also watched sesame street and mr. roger's neighborhood. as an adult. by myself. for entertainment.

so, as you can see, i am still a child at heart. (here's a confession for you. periodically i will pull out my old spice girls cds-circa sixth grade-and listen to them. and sing. really loud. at the top of my lungs. but only when i'm alone, mind you.)

so. anyone else still watch cartoons? and enjoy them? and hate the fact that saturday morning cartoons in 2008 consist of really lame japanese animation?


Vanessa said...

I am so glad someone else feels the pain that comes along with having a birthday around a is brutal. And by the way I got the package...I have not read it yet but I will keep you updated! Thank you!

flip flop mama said...

Saturday morning cartoons are lame. We really only watch PBS so right now I'm watching Sesame Street with my three year old. Classic.

Mother Goose said...

sorry, i'm not a cartoon gal

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I'm with you on the annoying Japanamation, so annoying! But I do love PBS. I'll stop what I'm doing to enjoy Reading Rainbow sometimes. :)