Sunday, October 12, 2008

my arch rival and nemesis: the laundry

it beckons to me. more like yells at me.

i hate doing laundry.

like seriously hate it. it is the worst household chore. it takes forever. and since having a baby our laundry has quadrupled, i swear. onesies, and bibs, and burp cloths, and baby blankets, and crib sheets, and on and on...

i hate laundry.

did i say that already? yep, i did. but i can say it again. i HATE it.

usually laundry in our house consists of this:
1. piles of it all over the floor, usually on the floor next to the basket. (but not really in the basket. maybe half hanging out.)
2. one of us (usually me) runs out of clean underwear. or my dh needs his work clothes cleaned. or the baby is running low on pjs. so i moan, i complain, i whine, i gather up the piles of laundry spread all over the floor in baskets.
3. i haul the large two overflowing baskets down the stairs to the laundry room, muttering the whole way.
4. i divide the laundry into loads by color. i curse at the number of loads to be done.
5. i change the loads, usually having to run the dryer twice for each load because they don't get all the way dry.
6. clean clothes get piled on the couch because i hate folding it one load at a time. i'd rather do it all at once.
7. clean clothes sit on the couch for a few days.
8. clean clothes get shoved back in the baskets for another day or so.
9. we pull clean clothes out of the baskets looking for something.
10. i finally get around to folding them, clean, folded clothes get put in basket to be taken upstairs to get put away.
11. baskets are taken upstairs, put in bedroom, clothes not put away.
12. we mess up all of the folded clothes because we are digging to the bottom of the basket to find something to wear.
13. around the time the floor is covered in dirty clothes again and i need the basket to haul them downstairs, i put the clean clothes away. and refold half of them.
14. i refold and reorganize half of the closet because when my hubby wants something to wear (like a t-shirt) and he pulls one out he doesn't want to wear, he just shoves it back in.
15. i curse at all of the clothing we have.
16. i curse at having to hang clothing up.
17. i curse because our clothing is wrinkled from being left on the couch/shoved in a basket/folded and shoved in a basket.
18. i repeat the entire process all over again.

you'd think i would have learned by now...but no.

i still hate laundry.

and i still put it off as much as possible.

sigh. i have three baskets of laundry to be folded now. the stress!

maybe someday i'll be rich enough to have the laundry sent out. or maybe even rich enough that i can wear something once then go buy something new to replace it.


Laundry Wench said...

I, too, detest laundry..ugh..I'll do anything to avoid doing the point that my husband will break down and do it..which is really sweet of him..if only it didn't end up strewn ALLLL over the house (and I mean ALL OVER!)

ANYWHO, It's nice to know someone else hates it as much as I do..however, I'm sure we're not too unique in this hatred..haha :)

Keep up the good fight!!

Spencer said...

Perhaps you should do more laundry, it may help.... :)

cornnut32 said...

perhaps you should do your own laundry from now on, huh? i bet that would help me too. :P

Abounader Photography said...

I hate laundry too!

Anonymous said...

Wait! I just posted a reply and it's not here!

Okay, once again. grrr

I don't mind the laundry until it gets to taking them out of the dryer and folding them. That's what I hate the most about it.

Dare I admit in our now green society, that I am guilty of turning it back on five more minutes, five more minutes, five more minutes.


Zen Ventures said...

Glad that I don't do laundry! ha! Thanks for sharing. Anyway, come visit and say hello sometimes :)