Wednesday, October 22, 2008

yep he's the best, don't try to argue with me

last night was a perfect example of why i married the right man for me.

he picked me up from work, gave me a big hug and a kiss. then we went to go early vote. (i like that he understands how important being involved in this is.)

on the way to the grocery store, we saw a man who had been in a bicycle crash. there were a few people standing around him. hubby immediately turned around, pulled over and ran out to help. my intelligent and hard working spouse is a certified emergency technician intermediate. (yeah, awesome, isn't it!) and although he isn't working as one anymore, he stays up on his certifications and reviews the info he needs to be able to keep up with it. so he knew exactly what to ask, exactly what to do to help this guy. it seemed like forever until the fire dept arrived. and when they did, my hubby was able to tell them exactly what they needed to know. one of them even thanked him and said, "well looks like our work has been done for us!" (btw, the guy who crashed will be okay. he had a diabetic seizure.) i'm so proud of him for being willing and capable of helping in situations like that. this has happened a few times since we've met and i love watching him at work. and i know he really enjoys helping other people.

then on to the grocery store. where he slipped a 2-liter bottle of coke in the cart without me knowing. because he knows i love coke. and he let me get a thing of peppermint ice cream, even though he doesn't like it. and he let me wander through the halloween and christmas decorations, even though he didn't want to. and we had a good time together. we got a 6" sub at subway before we left to share, but he gave me the last few bites of his.

after we got home, he carried all of the groceries in for me so i could put the baby in his jammies.

we relaxed and watched tv, and cuddled, and had a great night together.

he's such a sweetheart. so go ahead, it's okay for you to be jealous. :)


JustRandi said...

Woo, don't you love it when you remember again, that you married the perfect guy!?
Sometimes I forget, but then he brings me a Symphony bar or something and it's all back on.

cornnut32 said...

symphony bars are the best.

totally a good reason to remember he's the perfect guy.

Kaylynn said...

I jealous if you husband is home every night. Is he?

cornnut32 said...

yep, he actually comes home from work in the early afternoon!