Sunday, October 19, 2008

check these out

here are some recent posts on some blogs i enjoy reading that i would like to share. (none of them know i'm doing sorry for no warning!)

from this morning. beck from frog and toad are still friends shared an experience her child had at school.

faith promoting:
i read this one last night and i was in tears. so beautifully written, and a wonderful reminder. it is from mother goose, posted at modern molly mormon. she also posted it on her personal blog, solomon surprises.

third, also read this one last night. and reread it this morning. it's from kathleen, who writes at so grateful to be mormon.

this post is from a few days ago. but i found it to be thought-provoking. i love controversy! april posted it on modern molly mormon originally, but after some rude and disrespectful comments (those people should be ashamed of themselves) comments were closed and she reposted it on her blog normal mormons. (if you disagree with her, please be nice!)

those of you way involved in the whole prop 8 thing may find this one interesting. it's at feminist mormon housewives today.

ah, i just love this blog. almost always makes me laugh. thanks to azucar at her blog, the jet set.

anyone have anything fun, interesting, thought-provoking, or spiritual that you just loved? let me know!

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hi cornnut -- cool, thanks for the shout out. and i did not like my results to my quiz :( hehe

happy Sabbath, kathleen said...

thanks for all the links. some interesting things you pointed out :)