Sunday, October 12, 2008

not-so-mindless and not-so-blind following

so i did it. i put my heart and soul on the line.

please don't disappoint me.

follow my blog. i will be so sad and feel even more lame and insecure if you don't. in fact, i might even stop blogging all together. sigh.

is that manipulative?

oh well. follow my blog. you don't even have to really read it, you could just click the button and make me think you are. :)


Anonymous said...

I enojoy reading your's quite witty & entertaining :) Hence, I will continue to read it!

cornnut32 said...

i'm glad you enjoy it! :)

Spencer said...

Well I read it honey, dont be so "hippie-ish" about it, geez. :)