Monday, January 5, 2009

happy birthday hubby

this is for my husband, who turns 26 today. i wish you a very happy birthday, honey. i just want you to know that i love you and admire you, and even if things aren't perfect you make them better than they are. i know i've shared this with you before, but i want you to re-read it and remember them, because even when i'm crazy i still feel this way.

as for everyone else, you can read them and be jealous!

75 reasons why i love my hubby:
1. he remembers little things, like how i like forks better than spoons.
2. he talks to me via email while i'm at work.
3. he can be very romantic and spontaneous, and i love that.
4. he has such an incredible work ethic! he works so hard for our family, even though it is not easy.
5. i can trust him completely, with anything.
6. i know that he loves me unconditionally.
7. he is such an incredible father! he loves our baby so much.
8. he is fiercely loyal--which is one of the reasons i fell in love with him.
9. he has the sexiest butt! :) it's nice and tight and i love it.
10. i love the way he laughs when he things something is really funny!
11. he tells me i'm a good mommy a lot.
12. he helps me out with things around the house when i ask him to.
13. he's a really good cook.
14. he likes to sleep in with me
15. he brings me cokes randomly because he knows i love them
16. he supports me in my work
17. he is so intelligent and learns things quickly.
18. i know he would do anything to protect me and our baby.
19. he gives the best hugs and kisses :)
20. he always wants to fix things when they go badly. no matter how badly.
21. he has a very black and white sense of what's wrong and what isn't.
22. he wants everything to be good, and right, and people to be respectful
23. he is respectful of other people's rights.
24. he is strong physically and mentally--i know i can lean on him, which i do, a LOT.
25. he is always worried about my health and well-being.
26. he is so good about taking care of our finances, he's never been late on any payments.
27. he always does what he says he will do.
28. he is so responsible!
29. he tells me he loves me a million times a day.
30. he is committed to our marriage and to making things work.
31. he has the bluest, most incredible eyes i've ever seen.
32. i know that if there is an emergency he can stay calm and take care of it.
33. i don't have to worry about leaving the baby with him--he does such a good job of taking care of him!
34. he knows so much about medical things, i love that he carries a huge first aid kit in his car.
35. he'll eat just about anything :)
36. i love it when he calls me "pretty eyes"
37. he always asks what he can do for me, and how he can help me.
38. he knows how to make me smile and laugh when i'm mad at him. it's so hard to stay upset when he does that!
39. he watches trashy reality tv with me.
40. he rubs my back when i ask him to and does a great job
41. he always checks the mileage every time he gets gas
42. he shreds his receipts. endearing even if it is messy.
43. he encourages me to do things i love, like scrapbooking, playing the piano, etc.
44. he understands that my family is important to me.
45. he helps me to relax because i stress out a lot over stupid things.
46. he likes to cuddle with me when we're watching tv
47. he has accomplished so much in his life! he has so many certifications and has experienced so many things.
48. i am so impressed with everything he knows. i can't believe how intelligent he is.
49. i fall more in love with him every day, no matter what.
50. i know that i couldn't live without him, he makes my life complete.
51. i am happier with him than i have ever been.
52. he is a stickler about time, and we are never late to anything.
53. he always stays on top of current events, constantly checking the news websites and watching it on tv.
54. he says what he thinks no matter what. i never have to wonder what he's thinking.
55. he is very opinionated and stubborn, just like me! makes things interesting.
56. i feel special knowing he dated sooooo many girls, and could have had just about anyone he wanted, and he picked me.
57. he gets jealous when i think an actor or a singer is cute
58. even though he hates pictures he lets me take them of him because he knows how important they are
59. he is the most handsome and attractive man in the world ;)
60. he is there for me no matter what, no matter what happens or what i do.
61. he always does things the best that he can.
62. he is willing to do things he doesn't want to do when he knows how important it is to me.
63. he wants me to be happy and does what he can to make me happy.
64. he goes to the mall and wanders around with me even though he gets bored.
65. he likes to go places like the zoo and the aquarium with me
66. when he eats crab he gets butter ALL OVER the place! and when he eats ribs he gets BBQ sauce all over too!
67. he uses paper to floss after he eats.
68. he has a really good singing voice even though he doesn't think so. i loved to hear him sing hymns in church (since that's really the only time he sings)
69. he surprises me with things like concert tickets and flowers every once in awhile
70. he teaches me things about life, and football, and everything he knows.
71. he makes extra effort to get along with people at work, even though i know it's hard for him because they can be obnoxious.
72. he would do anything to help out a friend in need.
73. he apologizes when he realizes he's wrong.
74. he always makes sure to give me a kiss goodnight and before he leaves (even if i'm asleep!)
75. he is the best husband i could ask for, and i am so blessed and so proud that he is mine.

i love you honey...i hope you know that. i want you to know that no matter what happens in our lives or with each other that i love you and that i want to be with you forever. i am so proud of you, for everything you do. i appreciate all of your hard work. you are the best!

happy birthday!


spencer said...

Thank you, I love you too.

Kaylynn said...

Wow, what a list! Happy Bithday to your hubby!

Mother Goose said...

oh how sweet! happy belated!

♥georgie♥ said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby!!!
what a sweet post!