Monday, January 12, 2009

what does it say to you?

this is an automatically generated post, because i am away for a few days, working on getting my life in order. i would love to come back to an inbox full of comments, from my readers sharing their thoughts with me. so please leave a comment!
i recently came across this painting, in an art book my in-laws gave me for christmas. i instantly fell in love with it. one of my favorite things about art is wondering what is going on in the painting. why did the artist depict the subject this way? what was the artist trying to convey?
The Lady in Blue
Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

Such a beautiful woman, in a beautiful dress. Such a sad expression on her face. Or is it contemplative?

What do you think she is thinking? What do you think is going on in her life? What does this painting say to you, right this second?


JAG said...

I love that she's thick, like me. ;)

Kaylynn said...

I think she was just flirting with her fan, and no one took her up on her advances. So now she is sad and feels rejected.

♥georgie♥ said...

she does look sad but why? perhaps the man she loves has left her or she longs to be a mother and cant conceive...I dont know but it is a beautiful pic...
Hurry back to us

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

For some reason, she totally looks like a saloon girl from the old westerns I watched as a kid. I would be frowning if that was my life too.

Anonymous said...

She's throwing a temper tantrum at her man!

I love when a piece of art instantly speaks to me!

Blog Stalker said...

I think I first have a vision of her waiting for her man to finish a poker game, explaining the facial expression.

You are right, a great painting!

Bev said...

Shes leaving not by choice a thing she has to do. No one understands her need but her. She's sad to leave her home family and friends to go to the unknown. But her heart tells her leaving is what she must do.

As I fall asleep I will undoubtedly make up chapters 1 and 3 of her story