Monday, January 5, 2009

Modern Mollies Abuse Support Group

Because abuse is such a prevalent thing in our society, I believe it is so important to do everything we can to facilitate healing among us. A while ago I posted a link to a network for survivors of child abuse. I have been active in this network, and I have been absolutely amazed at how kind, loving, and supportive my fellow survivors are. It has helped me so much to be able to share my struggles with them and know that they understand what I am going through.

This got me thinking. At Modern Molly Mormon have access to forums as well. One thing that the other survivors I have become friends with don't completely understand is my religious views and how they have helped me. But here, we can use the gospel and our knowledge of Christ, the atonement, and the words of the prophets to facilitate our healing. What better way to be able to share this than in a Modern Mollies Abuse Support Group?

If you are a survivor of abuse, or if you want to show your love and support for those that are, please come join our discussion. Our group will only be beneficial if we are actively involved in it.

I look forward to getting to know you all better there!

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