Friday, January 16, 2009


this is an automatically generated post, because i am away for a few days, working on getting my life in order. i would love to come back to an inbox full of comments, from my readers sharing their thoughts with me. so please leave a comment!

much of the art world revolves around religious art, especially throughout the baroque and pre-renaissance and renaissance periods. many paintings were done of a single biblical occurrence. i've always loved to compare these, especially across time periods. recently i've been intrigued with depictions of the annunciation.

artist: Fra Angelico

what do you think mary was feeling as the angel told her she was to carry the Son of God?

artist: Francesco de Goya

what do you think she felt? fear? excitement? inadequacy? determination?

artist: Leonardo da Vinci

i've wondered if she ever shed tears over her calling. if she was just so scared of failure. if she thought she couldn't do it, even for a moment. or was she chosen to be the mother of Christ because Heavenly Father thought she wouldn't feel that way?

artist: Sandro Botticelli

i think that she probably did. she was scared, unsure of herself, afraid of what would happen. she was human, just like you and i, and i can't possibly believe that Heavenly Father expected her to take such a difficult calling without any doubts, ever. we are all given challenges, we are all given difficulties in life. i'm sure many people would be upset at my view of Ave Maria, especially those religions that pray to her. i love the catholic view on Mary, that she is benevolent, an intercessor on their behalf. the quintessential mother-figure to everyone on earth.

as a mother myself, i feel fear, and doubt, and uncertainty about my own calling. i worry about what kind of a mother i will be and if i can provide everything necessary to my children. what must mary have thought, knowing she would be the mother to Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world?

artist: El Greco

if you are a parent, what do you think, how did you feel when you discovered you were expecting a child? if you are not, how do you think you would feel?


Kaylynn said...

I love the first painting. It's even more amazing to see it in real life! Each cell's painting is more miraculous than the next. There is a wonderful peace at that monastery. I hope you can have that too!

The Rambler said...

What great questions. And insightful!

When I became a mother, I understood my own mother a little better. The love that you feel for your child to do things you thought you couldn't.

I think Mary might have felt all those feelings. Inadequecy, excitement, determination. Once she went through the rolodex of feelings associated with becoming a parent she knew her role and what she needed to do. You can't help but admire/respect/love her.

Glad your back. Hope all went well!