Sunday, March 7, 2010

moving means unpacking.

wow. it's been a long week and a half. we were without internet for a week here in our new apartment, and since then i've been really busy!

moving day was the 25th, last thursday. was a long day, as moving days usually are.

the movers were late, which wasn't that big of a deal. what was a big deal? the fact that they couldn't get the truck up the driveway. yeah. the driveway, which is dirt, and steep, and about 100 yards long. and wet and slippery because it had snowed. so the poor movers and hubby got to haul all of our crap down a slippery driveway in the snow to put in the truck. hubby was stressed beyond belief because he was worried it was going to cost us way more than we had budgeted, due to the stupid driveway. after all was said and done, we were actually under budget, yay! 5 1/2 hours though. sheesh.

i am really liking our apartment. it's so quiet here. i haven't heard our neighbors at all. the kids have their own rooms, and i've started painting a cute border on little buddy's wall. (i will post pics when it is done, i'm so excited for it!) i also started teaching piano lessons last week. things are going pretty well here. i finished unpacking yesterday, which is nice, and everything is put in its place. until we empty our storage unit, which shouldn't be as big of a deal because most of it is staying in boxes.

my depression has been rearing its ugly head again, though. i am now going back onto my celexa, which i haven't been taking because i've been nursing. i can still nurse on it though, which is good. hopefully it will help.

also since moving day, princess has learned to roll over from back to front. she rolls all over the place now. she has also cut her first two teeth, her bottom front ones. she is learning to fall asleep on her own in the crib (which means lots of crying) and is doing better. last night only 20 minutes of screaming! yeah! nap times have not been successful, and for some reason i can't deal with the crying during the day the way i can at night. so the swing is becoming a crutch. i will start with naps more consistently once she gets falling asleep at night down without a problem. (if anyone has any suggestions, i'm definitely open to them.) little buddy is adjusting to nap times, too, and staying in his bed...and not playing with the toys, which are now in his room instead of the living room. (so nice to not be falling over toys in the front room!)

now on to find a job. i haven't gotten enough piano students to cover our extra bills now that we're in our new place so i need something part time. keep your fingers crossed for me!

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AmyPoll said...

Good luck and know that our prayers are with you.