Monday, March 22, 2010

i'm a buff mom (or going to be)

wow. it's monday...again...already. i swear that as a kid time seemed to crawl by so slowly, and now as an adult, it flies.

i am happy to say that the celexa really seems to be helping me. i am feeling a lot better and i am very happy about that. i think hubby would probably agree with me. as much as i hate taking meds, there are positive results.

i also have to post about how proud of myself i am. this is something i can rarely say, and really mean it. i took the kids to the library a few days ago. for awhile ( five years) i've been saying i'm going to start working out again. well, i decided i'd go look at the workout dvds they had at the library, and i did. and i checked one out. (in case you're wondering, it's the "buff moms: beyond baby body" video.) and i brought it home. that's a step in the right direction. then for two days it sat on my counter. and last night? i actually did it! put the kids to bed, hubby sat on the couch to support me, and i did it. and now my legs are sore. but i am so proud of myself for doing it. the first time...that's a big step for me. i tend to do lots of talking and not much doing when it comes to things like this. so now, i need to stay motivated and keep doing it. i really want to get back my pre-baby body. actually...i really would like to get back my 18-year old body. i know i'll never be the same. two kids does that to you. but i can lose some weight, right? the next step will be adjusting my diet, i think, but i'm definitely not ready for that one. i've got to keep working on the motivation factor. tonight i'll be working out again. (i love feeling sore, always have. makes me feel like i really did something. it's a constant reminder of how i actually did something good for myself!)

i love getting things accomplished. makes me so happy.

you know what else makes me happy? my new couches. all because of my wonderful, hard-working, loving husband. he makes me happiest. but my couches make me happy too. red microfiber. LOVE them.

i'm in a good mood today. i'm going to really enjoy it while i can. maybe tomorrow will be a good day, too.

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