Tuesday, March 9, 2010

coat of arms illustration

***to read my personal coat of arms, see part one here and part two here

last month i posted my personal coat of arms, and said i was going to do an illustration for it.

i started a draft but never finished it. i will still probably do a drawn illustration eventually...but i've been really busy lately.

i decided to illustrate on polyvore, which i have never done. so many survivor bloggers use polyvore as an art therapy tool. i have to say i rather enjoyed it, although i became frustrated by being unable to import a lot of copyrighted pictures. :)

1. something i am proud of: my art. this is what the palette represents.
2. something i hold dear: my family. silhouettes of my husband with our son, and me with our daughter.
3. child self. this is what the teddy bear represents. (i have written about my teddy bear before.)
4. future goals. the sun. i want to be happy, to shine, like the sun.
5. resilience. this is the daffodil--one of my favorite flowers. in spite of dying every winter, the daffodil reemerges, sometimes in the snow, every spring, just as beautiful as before.
6. hope. the butterfly. beauty and grace, hope from turning into a beautiful butterfly from a drab caterpillar, gaining wings and learning to fly.

my personal motto: i am a passionate, loving, and creative woman who is striving to be a better person in order to enrich the lives of my family, friends, and all with whom i come into contact.

this is who i am.


Foxy said...
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Paula said...

Dear one, today I strated with my coat of arms and despite me having done a lot of thinking and feeling I am having a hrad time. Like you did, I posted part of it. If you care to look:


I have linked to your post. Maybe our coat of arms inspires others to join. Hugs to you.