Thursday, March 11, 2010

miss you...

i found out last night my great-grandmother is dying.

today i was told she is unresponsive, her kidneys shut down, and she is not expected to make it through the day.

while i am so sad and upset about this, it is also a blessing. the day before my wedding she was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. she has slowly been deteriorating. last time i saw her was at a bridal shower in november...and she couldn't remember my sisters' names.

her husband, my great-grandfather, passed away in february of 1997....just over thirteen years ago. i could not imagine living thirteen years past the death of my best friend and husband.

hubby and i were talking today about knowing grandparents. his grandparents have all passed but one, and didn't know any great-grandparents. i have been lucky enough to know five of my great-grandparents, one great-great grandmother, and all of my grandparents are still living. i regret that my daughter was unable to meet her great-great grandmother, but so glad that my son was able to--although he will not remember it.

i was the first great-grandchild. i have photos of me as a baby being held by my great-grandparents, as a child helping my great-grandfather blow out the candles on his 80th birthday cake. (they really did put 80 candles on that cake.) photos of my great-grandmother at my wedding. photos of five generations, of my great-grandmother holding my son as an infant. i know she loves me. and i love her. and i will miss her.

i am so glad that i believe what i do about life after death...that i will see her again. that she will be reunited with my great-grandpa, and my great-uncle eddie, her son that she lost so many years ago.

i love you grandma. i will miss you.


Paula said...

I am so sorry for your loss. However I am grateful she is now in peace and reunited with her beloved ones. I am grateful that you had teh change to grow up in a family of 5 generations, what a gift. Blessings to you. Keep you nd your family in my thoughts.

Vanessa said...

almost the same situation for me. my great grandpa on my dad's side passed away in 97 also and my great grandma just passed away a couple weeks ago. 1 week after her 95th birthday. It's always a hard thing to lose someone but nice to know that they will be with more people who love them and won't be sick anymore. it's times like that when I'm so grateful for my religious beliefs.

VICKI IN AZ said...

Sending you love and support cornnut. What a lovely tribute. Tender and sweet.


Mike Golch said...

Sorry to hear this.I lost my Great Grand Mother in 1970 was was close to 100 years young.

Paula said...

Passing by to show some love. Praying for you and your family.