Monday, March 22, 2010

i want some. now.

my dear friend kaitlyn shared this via google reader...and i am so in love. mondrian cake? yes, please.

p.s. day two of working out accomplished. i feel great.
p.p.s. another reason why today rocks: i can put on (one) pair of my pre-pregger pants...and ZIP THEM UP! and i can get the button done! still too tight to wear...but hey.


kaitlyn.e said...

this is the greatest post ever. congrats on the pants!

Paula said...

The art of cake making. Love it. Pants? Good for you. Looks like you gonna motiviate me here too. You are right, this coat of arm was quite some soulsearch and is still working inside me.

Eliza said...

I want a piece of that cake! Love it!