Wednesday, February 24, 2010

can't hardly wait!

moving day is tomorrow.

we signed the lease, got our keys. movers show up at 9 am.

i am so excited i can hardly stand it.

once we move i'm going to do something i've talked about doing for a long time: teach piano lessons. i've been playing for about 20 years...makes sense i should teach, right? i already have one student, and a mom bringing her daughter to meet me to see if she wants to enroll her kids. (possibly three of them.) i am really, really hoping i can get a bunch of students, so i don't have to get a job outside of our home. it would be a lot easier schedule wise, and with the kids. plus it will be fun! i'm teaching both kids and adults, and looking forward to it.

so if you know me in real life, and want to take lessons, or know someone who does, please let me know!


Paula said...

Hope the move goes swift and smooth. Your art moves me deeply. I just got introduced to art therapy 4 months ago and I never had a pen or brush in my hand before hence I struggle hard, I am not talented however it does help which of course is more important. Safe hugs

♥Georgie♥ said...

I think that is so super awesome about the piano lessons...that is one thing i wish i would have done with at least one of my them piano lessons

SapphireDreams said...

Good for you! Hope it goes well. I wish I did know you in real life for the piano lessons..I would take them. I took lessons for 4-5 yrs when i was younger. Unfortunately that part of my memory is blocked. Wishing you the best of lucka nd hope you gets lots of ppl to teach.