Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the mommy times

this made me laugh and cheered me up a little.

a friend of my mom (and family), Bettijo (pronounced Betty Joe, in case you were wondering), runs a blog called the mommy times. it's a great blog, full of good stories and helpful tips.

this morning my mom sent me an email and told me i should check out this post. the email said:

Thought you might like to know... you are "infamous". LOL Bettijo emailed me last week and asked for some stories. I shared several, but she posted this on the mommy times. Read it, it'll make you laugh! It's fun to look back! I have to admit, when she said it was sent in by a grandma, I wondered why she sent it to me, I figured it must have been written by her mom. I forget I wear that title now...Have a great day- Love you- Mom

want to find out why i'm "infamous"? you better read this's appropriately called "Babysitter's Worst Nightmare". and i promise it will make you laugh. and think about what angels your children are.

(and the fact that my mother used the term 'LOL' made me laugh even more. ha!)

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